Wow!  I totally had no idea that doing a world book tour would be so crazy!  And all for a sweet romance novel?  Get out of town!  Seriously!  Get.  Out.  Of.  Town.  I have got to focus.

And shop.  I mean, really what do you wear for tea with the Queen?  I can't wear what I'm wearing to lunch in the Oval Office with Michelle.  Can you believe it?  She asked me to call her Michelle!  Apparently, she is a closet romance reader.  Who knew?

I suppose I can just get some things made up in plaid...After all, my entire series (the long anticipated 747 Series) is finally coming out and since it features Scottish Hunks, I should probably try to look the part.

Oh, I am hyperventilating.  Will get back to you when I'm on the road!  Ta for now!


    Landy Corwyn

    Just like the rest of you, I put my plastic heels on one foot at a time.  These are the musings that make up the day-to-day life of yet another author with a split-personality.


    May 2013